McAfee Security for T Mobile Application for Android


McAfee Security has developed an application with all its great security features already known exclusive for those who enjoy the services of the T Mobile company it is McAfee Security for T Mobile.
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Features of McAfee

McAfee Security has developed an application with all its great security features already known, exclusive for those who enjoy the services of the T-Mobile company, it is McAfee Security for T-Mobile. This application provides complete protection, thanks to its high level of security and privacy when browsing, which is capable of protecting both your mobile and desktop devices.

Enjoy safe browsing of Security for T-Mobile

With McAfee Security for T-Mobile, you can browse the web without any risk to the security of your devices with access to T-Mobile services, as this advanced security system guarantees browsing provided with all the elements essential security features that only McAfee Security can provide.

T-Mobile's 360 protection:


  • Safety and protection when browsing
  • Security alerts for use of WI-FI and equipment
  • identity protection


If you are a T-Mobile customer, you cannot stop downloading and installing McAfee Security for T-Mobile as this application has been specially developed to provide a high level of protection and a positive experience for all T-Mobile customers. .

Details of T-Mobile Protection 360:


  • It is an exclusive application for T-Mobile customers.
  • It has all the support and prestige of the products developed by McAfee.
  • It can automatically detect and block any website that might pose a security threat to your computer.
  • It is capable of stopping any attack directed by harmful software, such as: computer viruses, malware and spyware, among other threats.
  • With the WI-Fi Scan tool, you will be able to receive alert messages in case you connect to an unsecured network.
  • It has different plans to choose from, capable of providing advanced security to protect your personal data online, which includes monitoring up to 10 email addresses, personal identification data and banking information, among others.
  • McAfee Security for T-Mobile provides security and protection that is hard to match, just download and install it on your device and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is McAfee Mobile Security?

So much protection for your privacy, identity, and devices.
With McAfee Security for T-Mobile you can secure multiple devices including your smartphones,tablets, Macs and PCs. Our powerful privacy and identity protection give you the confidence to  explore freely online anywhere, anytime.

How do I download McAfee Mobile Security?

Open the Apktow website. Search for McAfee Security: Privacy App. Tap Get and wait for the installation to complete.

How do I activate or register McAfee Security for Metro?

Follow the link for the McAfee Security for Metro app from the text message you received or download it directly from the app store.
Create an account with your mobile number and email address.
Turn on the requested permissions.

Does McAfee Security come with T-Mobile?

McAfee® Security for T-Mobile, accessible via the McAfee® Security for T-Mobile app, provides powerful privacy and identity protection to give you the confidence to explore freely online anywhere, anytime.

Does McAfee Security for T-Mobile have VPN?

Can I use McAfee VPN on my mobile device? Yes, McAfee VPN is compatible with Android and iOS devices. For more information, visit our system requirements.

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