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Village Connect is an online service so that Resort clients can make their reservations and requests for transportation on demand within the Complex made up of the communities of.
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Definition of Village Connect App

Village Connect, is an online service, so that Resort clients can make their reservations and requests for transportation on demand within the Complex, made up of the communities of:


  • Beaver Creek
  • bachelor gulch
  • Arrowhead.


With the Village Connect app, you can enjoy an exclusive transportation service, available to all residents of Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead, you just need to download the app, install it, register and enter the system with your "Login" and password .

On Demand Hours of Village Connect

Village Connect has the On-Demand transportation request option, which includes permanent service provision for the Bachelor Gulch and Beaver Creek communities. As for the Arrowhead community, the availability of the shuttle service is subject to the season.

How to use Village Connect?

You can make use of the following menu options, (available in English), to choose the places in the complex to which you want to go using the transport service offered by the Village Connect app:

Quick – Quick: Quickly view places of interest on the map to move within the Resort.

Recents – Recentes: View, among other things, the times of the most recent tours.

Eat – Comer: Access information on restaurants and food stalls.

Play – Play: Know and choose the places to practice sports activities and games within the communities.

More – More: Use this option for any type of additional information of your interest.

visualize the routes

You can view the different routes in detail (including yours), through the virtual map that you can view on the screen, which shows the different stops made by the transport.

This option includes information about the Pickup Spot and Dropoff Spot, as well as providing information about the number of passengers traveling in the requested transport unit.



  • Village Connect is an exclusive app for Resort residents.
  • Requires registration and login.
  • Up-to-date information on transport pick-up/arrival times.
  • Exclusive on-demand transport request service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beaver Creek Village Connect free?

Yes, Village Connect is a complimentary door-to-door, shared-ride transportation service within the Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead villages.

How to use Village Connect?

Tell us where you are and where you want to go, and when we can pick you up. Then just tap to confirm your request.
Track your driver’s progress. We’ll let you know when they are arriving to pick you up.

When was Beaver Creek started?

Groundbreaking for Beaver Creek Resort took place in July 1977, leading into its inaugural ski season, in 1980. On December 15, 1980, Beaver Creek Resort opened for skiing with six chairlifts and a slope-side lodge.

What is Village Connect?

Village Connect displays real-time arrival information for the on-demand transportation services within the Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead communities. No longer will you need to peek out your window to see if the bus has arrived to pick you up! Transportation requests called in to dispatch will continue to be available.

What is Beaver Creek known for?

Beaver Creek Mountain is renowned for its stunning beauty and welcoming atmosphere, providing access to every level of skier. You'll delight in the meticulously groomed corduroy runs as you explore over 2,000 acres of terrain and dip into each of the three distinct base areas.

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